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Varda undressed for Armenian gloss

Varda undressed for Armenian gloss The former Muse of Sergei Zverev and current co-star Duo Vitaliy Kozlovskiy ward has graced the cover of famous Armenian journal.Despite the fact that some of these photos we've seen on the website of the singer, we decided to show you this very revealing photoshoot.Interestingly, the main character of the publication Varda was not due to his musical creativity. As we know, before singing, she managed to become famous as a stripper, and upscale. Judging by the inscription on the cover, she is Armenian beautiful world of burlesque dance. A little strange wording, but the essence we caught.Returning to the photo shoot, it is impossible not to admit that ward is a very showy girl with a beautiful body, but the photos are frankly terrible. First of all, because of photoshop, which is so much that you can barely understand - we live person or a wax figure from Madame Tussauds. Look! Source: Warda undressed for Armenian gloss.

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