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Vaenga refused the title of `singer of the year`

Vaenga refused the title of `singer of the year`A famous singer Elena Vaenga strongly denies the title of singer of the year. Moreover, vocal artist said that Forbes is wrong, inflating its revenues.34-year-old domestic singer Elena Vaenga is now at the peak of popularity. Her concerts are visited by a huge number of people in all corners of the country, and the slightest change in appearance, whether it be for a short time appeared bangs or postroynevshaya figure, cause numerous rumours. The artist even began to compare with the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva.But Elena Vaenga to its popularity with enviable composure. "Can't be her successor, as I am other. Does not have the same vocals as Pugachev" - quoted by performer magazine "Antenna". However, the actress admits that she is familiar with Alla Borisovna and the like the work of a young colleague.Information that she is in ninth place in the ranking of the most influential celebrities by Forbes magazine with an annual income of 6.4 million dollars, Elena Vaenga denied: "If Forbes was right, I would have already bought a house in Cyprus, about which we dream. It just need a million dollars. My income is exaggerated approximately every 98".The actress recalled that she lives in a rented apartment in St. Petersburg, and this despite the fact that acquired the property of 120 square meters for 12 million rubles in the same city. However, to move there Vaenga until you can repair. In General, talk about income outraged artist: "Also say: "Vaenga drives a Mercedes S 221". What? I have to apologize to someone that can afford a car like this? Bought it for 2.5 million rubles. But the money I earned".Another burning issue - the figure of Elena Vaenga. The artist admitted that sitting on a diet and lost ten pounds, but then again recovered. She loves sweets and pasta and could not help myself. And eat chocolates at night, which does not promotes weight loss.However, the civilian spouse Vaenga Ivan Matvienko, who is her producer, Elena and such like. For those familiar actress it's no secret that the Vaenga calls her husband's uncle Vanya. Elena explained, "And he that nickname fits. You know the song: "Uncle Vanya is a good and handsome"? So my husband is such a generous, fair, patient, unselfish and outrageously honest. Cooler has no one else." Elena Vaenga went to live with his civil wife at a very young age is 18 years at the time Matvienko was 38. Of course, this situation was not pleasant to Elena's parents, they even had a conflict, but then it was resolved. Source: Vaenga refused the title of "singer of the year"".

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