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Leighton Meester on the cover of Marie Claire

Leighton Meester on the cover of Marie Claire Leighton Meester I love teenagers, and not only they, it is not surprising that it so often appears on the covers of top fashion magazines. We offer you to evaluate the latest actress photoshoot for the April issue of American Marie Claire.In the pictures the star of "Gossip girl" appeared in the form of her character Blair Waldorf. Anyway, her signature tongue-in-cheek look she borrowed, however, as a luxurious wardrobe. Overall the set was very quiet, but to look away from the charming Leighton is simply impossible - it was too good.In an interview with Mr. spoke about his insane family and difficult, but still a good childhood. Recall that the actress from a poor family, because she had to work with the early years. By the way, her mom also brought a lot of trouble:"My family crazy story. Probably the craziest I've ever heard. But looking back, I see her in a positive light. Not to say that it wasn't difficult. But I played a lot on the street, went to the beach - I was good and fun. I worked a lot, even though I was a child. Joys of childhood were alien to me. While other girls were worried that they do not love a boy, I was worried about far more important things. How to earn money for gas or food, for example.".

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