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Luc Besson was accused of plagiarism

Luc Besson was accused of plagiarismTwo French actors from Pessac accused Director Luc Besson in plagiarism and filed in the Tribunal de Grande instance of Paris, informs RIA "news" referring to AFP.According to the plaintiffs ' attorney, Jean-Pierre Cochet, we are talking about the film Besson "Kolombiana", which premiered in the summer of 2011 (September 8). According to the plaintiffs, in 2005 they took the short film "the Ghost Orchid" (Le fantome de l Orchidee), the duration of which was about 10 minutes. A copy of the recording they gave Besson, and directed in his kinetochore EuropaCorp."No news my clients are not received until the release in July of the movie ("Kolombiana")," said Cox.Counsel argues that "Kolombiana" just copies the script "the Ghost Orchid" and that the film is repeating the scenes featurettes.In his words, to the statement of claim is attached is written in 2005, a script and a video from the Internet, confirming that the short film came to light before the release of the film Besson.Along with Besson, the petition mentions the name of Robert Mark Kaman, who is co-writer of "Colombiana", as well as the company EuropaCorp. Cox noted that previously attempted to negotiate with the Corporation without the involvement of the court, but the response could not be obtained. Source: Luc Besson was accused of plagiarism.

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