The bowler hat Charlie Chaplin sold at auction

The bowler hat Charlie Chaplin sold at auctionIn Beverly hills ended a two-day auction of "Legends of Hollywood", organized by the auction house Julien's Auctions.Central lots of the second day of the auction began things that belonged to Charlie Chaplin - his famous bowler hat and bamboo cane, according to Agence France-Presse.The Chaplin's bowler hat was sold for 58 thousand dollars, and the cane cost the buyer, who is not named in 42 thousand dollars. In addition to the things Chaplin during the second day of the auction were sold, and many other things and objects, including, for example, French for riding, in which Clark gable starred in the film "gone with the wind" (the lot was sold for 57 600 thousand dollars).Auction "legends of Hollywood" was launched on March 31, when open ended for everyone exhibition of the lots. On the first day of trading, among other things, were sold chiffon dress of Princess Diana, which she wore in 1992. The attire made by fashion designer Catherine Walker, sold for 108 thousand dollars, while the estimate 80-100 thousand.The next major auction Julien's Auctions will be held on 8 June 2012. Summer auction will be sold things from the heritage of the legendary musician Les Paul, who died in 2009. Source: Charlie Chaplin Bowler sold at auction.

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