Alexander Porokhovshchikov reconciled with his wife

Alexander Porokhovshchikov reconciled with his wifeThe famous actor Alexander Porokhovshchikov just recently got a second wave of popularity. His wife Irina openly said about the disappearance of a spouse by putting on ears half of Moscow.After returning husband Irina announced the decision to divorce. However the couple, as it happens, already made up.Recall the dramatic story of the family Porohovschikovyh played out last week and caught everyone's attention. Spouse Alexander porokhovshikova Irina has stated publicly that her husband was gone. Then literally brought to hysterics wife said: "worry about something else: let it be anything - our break, care of me, but not the worst. Fear for the health of Sasha. Because he recently suffered a hypoglycemic coma, lying in intensive care. Now he must take the life-saving drugs, and he left them at home".In the meantime, Alexander Porokhovshchikov vacationing at his dacha near Moscow. It "exposed" the eyewitness, who saw on the eve of national artist in the Hills-2 and reported it to the police. "Alexander Shalvovich quietly drinking coffee, when he was declared head of the criminal police, said the police. The actor said that "just a little tired". However, it turned out that Porokhovshchikov offended at his wife - she allegedly abusing alcohol. Then Irina said it filed for divorce, and threatened to refer the application to the registry office that Thursday.However, this did not happen - the couple were reconciled. Moreover, it turned out that they were not fighting. "We are Ira and do not quarrel. We are all normal. She scolds me sometimes, not without it. So what? Most importantly: she is wonderful person and very kind girl. My life sometimes revising, trying to control himself, suddenly what mistakes they did? For example, I'm guilty in front of his wife by different items and always ask for her forgiveness," quoted Alexander porokhovshikova "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Alexander Porokhovshchikov reconciled with his wife.

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