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Katy Perry was spotted with a new lover

Katy Perry was spotted with a new lover Let's talk about love. New love Katy Perry is very high - about two feet tall.During the festival, Coachella-2012 Katie was spotted in the arms of Robert Ackroyd, guitarist for Florence And The Machine. Katie and Robert were kissing, holding hands, laughing, and did not hide his ardent feelings.Some time before this saw a couple in palm springs, where they had a bite, and after went to the festival, where he was to be the group of Robert.Recall that a month ago the press in absentia "betrothed" Katy Perry with a handsome male model Baptiste Giabiconi is now evident that between them only friendship, which cannot be said about the relationship of the singer with the British guitarist. Source: Katy Perry was spotted with a new lover.

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