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Elena Vaenga commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Elena Vaenga commented on the rumors about her pregnancyThe singer commented on the rumors about his "interesting situation", at the same time hinting: it literally "survive", forcing him to retire from show business.The singer finally decided to comment on the situation with your own pregnancy and three months of vacation. Of course, did it in her usual emotional manner, but this time without resorting to taboo vocabulary."Never have wanted to hurt people..... But everything...... Stuck.... I wish everyone who brought evil to my family: let it come back a hundredfold in your home. For all the evil.... For the lies and slander. I'm talking about journalists. Now, a woman called and said get off the stage and we will cease to poison you in the press. Wow! Cool! The impression that they all pay for baiting. Walk under the hotel, walk into the house with my 86-year-old grandmother, calling my mother, father, sister, friends, all musicians..... For the loot mother sell. I sing, sing and sing. I do my job honestly".Post was added the following comment: "I Sincerely wish things two journalists. Never thought I'd live to see those times that I would wish harm on their enemies. This is what need to be a "woman" to make money on the photos of the belly of another woman. Creature.".

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