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Nicolas cage refused the status of a vampire

Nicolas cage refused the status of a vampireThe actor has denied rumors that he lives for several hundred years.Recall that in September, at auction on the Internet was exhibited strange lot - photo 1870, which depicted a man who lived in Bristol during the Civil war.All anything, but the face of a person from the past is practically no different from Hollywood actor Nicolas cage. Photo owner said that cage is an immortal vampire that once in 70 years is rejuvenated by the blood of his victims. He also offered to buy a picture for $ 1 million.However, speaking recently at show David Letterman, Nicholas said: "I don't drink blood. And last time I looked in the mirror, saw his reflection. Yeah, I won't argue that between me and the person in the picture 1870 there is a certain similarity. But let's drop the political correctness and recognize that this is some half-assed version of me.".

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