Nicole Kidman will star in the film `the Railway man`

Nicole Kidman will star in the film `the Railway man`Nicole Kidman will star with Colin Firth in the film "the Railway man", taking the place of out-of-project Rachel Weisz, reports OpenSpace with reference to Variety.Film directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, joint production in the UK and Australia, based on the autobiography of Eric Lomax, one of the most famous British World war II veterans. The script for "the Railway man" wrote Frank Kottrel Bryce and Andy Paterson.In 1942, Lomax was captured by the Japanese, he had to participate in the construction of the "railway of death" between Burma and Thailand, the work, after which very few survived.Wife Patty Lomax helped moved him to overcome the psychological trauma by convincing her husband to decide on reconciliation and to meet one of his former tormentors on the bridge over the river Kwai after 30 years.The Lomax in the film, played by Colin Firth. In the role of the wife of the main character was originally supposed to star Weiss, but her plans changed because of the additional shots in the films "the Evolution of Bourne (The Bourne Legacy) and "Oz the Great and powerful" (Oz: The Great and Powerful).Young will play Lomax, Jeremy Irvine, albert Narracott from "war horse" (War Horse, 2012) Steven Spielberg.The shooting started in Scotland, then in Australia, show part on your stay Lomax in captivity.The last film starring Nicole Kidman, "What lies beneath" (Trespass), was released in Russian cinemas in December 2011. Source: Nicole Kidman will star in the film "the Railway man"".

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