The first footage from the wedding Pugacheva and Galkin (photos, video)

The first footage from the wedding Pugacheva and Galkin (photos, video)Last weekend, Moscow hosted the most spectacular stellar event of the year - the wedding of a Prominent Russian singer Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, who as early as December 23 to put the stamp in their passports on entering into a valid marriage.Before the pair lived together for 10 years in a civil marriage, and no one believed that the Diva decides to marry for the fifth time in his age.In a cozy restaurant Primadonna collected only the closest friends.- I hope this is my last marriage, said Life News Alla Borisovna. - Note today in Moscow, and then fly away on a honeymoon. Maxim gave me the bracelet, I now dear woman!Good service, paparazzi concelebrated daughter Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite, posted on his Twitter page a few photos from a private party, including wedding kiss bride and groom.The wedding ceremony decided to organize not too curvy, just for the celebration were invited about 40 people from the circle of closest friends and relatives of the couple.Note that contrary to initial press reports, former spouse Divas Philip at the wedding still present, including show photos with a stellar celebration.We will remind, the first about the wedding Pugacheva and Galkin said Nikolai Baskov, who first wrote about this in his Twitter and then posted a photo of Maxim Galkin with a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand.It is known that after the wedding Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin remained in their names.Note that for the 35-year-old Maxim Galkin is the first marriage, and 62-year-old Alla Pugacheva married for the fifth time. In the status of spouse of the Queen of Russian pop music at different times visited the clown Mykolas ORBacus, Director Alexander Stefanovich, composer Yevgeny Boldin and singer Philip Kirkorov.nullСмотреть on Lifenews.ruSource: the First footage from the wedding Pugacheva and Galkin (photos, video).

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