Lindsay Lohan was again hooked on drugs

Lindsay Lohan was again hooked on drugsFor anybody not a secret that Lindsay Lohan has repeatedly struggled with drug addiction and was a frequent guest in rehabilitation centers.It would seem that after a series of court hearings and other "educational" episodes in her life, it would be time to settle down and start with a clean slate. But there it was!The other day Lilo attended a party at the famous Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont. According to witnesses, she was with some guy ran regularly into the bathroom, and obviously not to wash your hands:"When I saw those two coming out of the bathroom, I immediately knew what they were doing there," said the source. Lindsay giggled, and her nose was red and irritated. Given the fact that in public she drank only water, it was clear that she's high. Her eyes shone, she barely spoke the words and couldn't go - what else can you think?!".

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