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Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh

Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh"Still life with meadow flowers and roses" that has been stored since 1974 the Dutch period Museum Kroller Muller, was not the work of an unknown artist and the painting of van Gogh, according to the website of the Museum.Analysis of a canvas conducted by using x-ray, allowed to conclude that van Gogh painted the bouquet of poppies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, delphinium, daisies, Terry roses and other field crops in 1886 in Paris, on top executed in Antwerp student work, depicting two half-naked wrestlers.About the picture with the wrestlers, the artist mentions in his correspondence with his brother Theo, which scientists have come to rely on the most reliable source for attribution canvases, but about still life with meadow flowers in his letters is not a word; that is why the authorship of the canvas for a long time could not determine, according Reuetrs.Experts argued that the canvas uncharacteristically wide for van Gogh, flowers in a vase too many that do not correspond to the usual manner of the artist. And only the silhouettes of the fighters found under the colors, helped to recognize the picture of the work of van Gogh, marks RIA "Novosti".The lack of mention of her in letters to Theo also found my explanation: in the summer of 1886 the brothers were in Paris together."This is an important discovery. During operation there was a feeling that I'm peeking from behind the shoulder of the van Gogh", - quotes The British The Daily Telegraph Professor Joris dick from Delft University of technology who participated in the attribution of the painting.The Museum kröller-müller in Otterlo has one of the largest collections of van Gogh, second only to the Museum of the artist in Amsterdam. "Still life with meadow flowers" was purchased in 1974 at the auction. Source: Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh.

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