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In France found vnebrachnyi son of Hitler

In France found vnebrachnyi son of Hitler The French press published a sensational evidence that the leader of the Third Reich was the heir.According to journalists, the illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler and a young Frenchwoman was born during the First world war that the future fГјhrer has decided to be a volunteer, writes he is the offspring of Hitler, a French national, Jean-Marie Laura said in 1981, published an autobiography entitled "Your father's name was Hitler." Four years later, the author died at the age of 67 years and still not proving anyone of their origin.However, evidence has surfaced thanks to the efforts of his lawyer Francois Gibo, according to the magazine LePoint. The other day the lawyer stated that the truthfulness of the words of his client proved by documents and photos. He also talked about how Laura got to his hard-won pedigree.According to information obtained by the publication from the advocate, in 1917, a military unit, which served as a corporal Hitler was in Picardy, near the commune of Seboncourt. From time to time soldiers were sent to the rear, that "they rested, refreshed and entertained.In the small town of Fournet-EN-WIPP, located to the West of Lille, Hitler met with 16-year-old Charlotte Labia. The girl in the company of friends was mowing the grass when on the other side of the street was a German soldier, he is something the painter. Friend sent Charlotte to him to learn that the young man draws. She recalled that the soldiers seemed to her "helpful and friendly, he treated her with unexpected warmth." So began an affair that lasted several weeks.Soldiers who turned out to be the future fГјhrer, didn't speak French, but Charlotte was freely expressed himself in German. Between the two began a brief affair, and the fruit of which was Jean-Marie Lohr, who was born in March 1918. For neighbors and friends, the boy remained "little Bosch, the son of a German.A few years later Charlotte, tired of the bullying and ridicule, "threw" his son married couple, which worked one of her sisters. In 1934, the couple adopted Jean-Marie, giving him the name "Laura". This boy's father never saw him, but was interested in the fate of his mother.As stated in the publication, Hitler helped the Charlotte Lubiw money. At the disposal of the magazine was the official documents of the Wehrmacht, according to which during the Nazi occupation of the officers of the German army gave the French the envelopes of cash.As noted by Le Point, "during the Second world war, the son of Hitler felt no call of the blood": in 1939 Laura was enrolled in the corps, which defended the Maginot line, then, under the name "Clement", actively participated in the Resistance, and in winter the 44th fought in the Ardennes, writes the early 50s, shortly before his death, Charlotte had told her son about who his father is. Jean-Marie was shocked. In his book, "Your father is Hitler", released in 1981, and then attracted the attention of the public, he talked about the fact that I drowned myself with work, trying not to think about their origin. "For twenty years I never took a holiday, went to the movies and they are not fascinated except work," he wrote.However, Intrusive soap questionable relationship didn't let go of Laura, and in the 1970s he began to look for evidence of his connection with Hitler. In 1979, he was a lawyer Francois Gibo and addressed him with the words: "I am the son of Hitler. Tell me, what do I do?".

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