Beyonce gave his first interview after giving birth

Beyonce gave his first interview after giving birthPopular artist and young mother Beyonce gave birth in early January. For exciting events in the life of the singer watched not only her many fans, but also people not familiar with her work.It's all in the ballyhoo around Beyonce. The actress gave her first interview after giving birth.Recall, Beyonce as he could, hiding his interesting position, until one day does not appear on the red carpet of prestigious social events in the chic dress, which showed changes in the figure of the artist. It was then that the singer has announced that it is expecting a child."As soon as you recognize that you are maturing child, between you there is constant communication. But when you first grab hold of him - this feeling can not be described by any words" - quotes the newly minted mommy "7 days". The actress said that her husband, rapper and producer Jay Z, present at birth. He became one of the few men who was able to successfully overcome their fear of such actions."Jay Z-never in this world wouldn't have missed the birth of our baby! He is very reliable and faithful man, and during pregnancy I felt very quietly under his protection. He is a wonderful artist, a wonderful husband, and now he will be a wonderful father," praised the wife of the artist. Also Beyonce announced that her husband will be sure to change the diaper baby girl blue ivy Carter.The actress said that my daughter will be absolutely normal loving family with mom, dad, aunt, and grandparents". Apparently, she was referring to the widespread practice among the celebrities who, just having given birth, immediately attempt to return to the stage or the screens that they are not forgotten, and the children push down on numerous nannies.Beyonce has commented on the scandal during her birth at the hospital. Recall that a few families have written complaints against guards of artists who didn't let their own children. Beyonce and Jay Z hired a whole floor of the prestigious clinic to ensure peace and protection from the paparazzi. The singer explained: "Everything was done by the guards, it was necessary for the safety of the child. Of course, the measures were very strict, but everyone who had to see the baby, saw her".Meanwhile, evil tongues say that this fact once again confirms many rumors that Beyonce was not pregnant, and have used the services of a surrogate mother. Source: Beyonce gave his first interview after giving birth.

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