Jim Carrey marries 23-year-old Russian student

Jim Carrey marries 23-year-old Russian student50-year-old Jim Carrey made a proposal to his fiancee, 23-year-old Russian student Anastasia Mitkinoy. According to the actor, she healed his broken heart.The journal Star reported that Kerry made the proposal to Anastasia a couple of months ago. The girl has accepted the proposal and the couple began actively preparing the wedding. One of the friends of the actor said that Kerry is crazy about Nastya, very happy and dreams that she soon became his wife. "Most of all he like about her is her sense of humor, he laughs to tears," said a familiar actor.In April 2010, Kerry confessed that I would never marry such a statement he made after a difficult breakup with a girl from Playboy Jenny McCarthy. They have lived together for 5 years. But apparently, the actor worked the popular expression "never say never": after a few months the comedian began to meet with Nastya. So entranced the heart of Kerry, that after a few months gave her a diamond ring for $ 100k. And now he will miss Viccino Mrs. Kerry.Anastasia mysterious girl, known about it quite a bit. Born and raised in Russia in the 2000s moved to the United States. Data about her age also varied, according to one Nastia 23 years, others 30. In 2008, the girl graduated from a prestigious design school Parsons in new York and is now studying at the same University.Familiarity with a famous actor took place in the restaurant, Travertine, Kerry, along with his friend David Schoonmaker is co-owner of this establishment. Rumor was, the first Russian player selected Schoonmaker, but after a while I realized that her fate is the star of the famous film "the Mask".In October 2011 the paparazzi photographed for the first time lovers together on the exit of the restaurant. A few days later Nastya and Jim have visited the concert of Guns N Roses.According to British tabloids, Kerry became the sponsor Anastasia Mitkinoy. "He's rich, many successful men there is very little time to what is seen with a friend. So Kerry pays for her flights to Los Angeles from new York. It is quite normal that after a long relationship, the actor is now enjoying the love of a woman who is much younger than him. While he pampers her, so they'll be happy," - said in his blog secular journalist Brandon Wade.Jim Carrey has been married twice: from 1987 to 1995 at the waitress Melissa, Women and in 1996, he married actress Lauren Holly. The marriage ended after a year. The actor also had many novels , among them the relationship with their personal physician to Tiffany silver, with actress Renee Zellweger and Playboy models Jenny McCarthy and Anin Bing.Once in an interview, Kerry said: "I don't believe in these tales of eternal love. To live 10 years with one person is more than enough. During this time, you can give a lot of love." Hopefully, the marriage with Nastya will be able to radically change the view of the actor. Source: Jim Carrey marries 23-year-old Russian student.

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