Aggressive sexuality Beyonce in Jones magazine

Aggressive sexuality Beyonce in Jones magazine Beyonce previously took care of that, even during pregnancy to see myself on the pages of gloss.Long before her belly was noticeable, she starred in a photo shoot for the magazine Jones, which was published only now, in the winter issue of the publication.Judging by the photo shoot, which, incidentally, was filmed in Paris, pregnancy did not affect the stylistic preferences of the star. Frank, deliberately sexy and even slightly aggressive, Beyonce appeared in the usual form of a seductive beauty. We admire!If the photo shoot seems a little inappropriate (given the interesting position Beyonce), the interview was more than relevant. In it the singer told how, in her opinion, parents should be:"I think the parents should prepare the child for the time when he will live by himself. I remember everything I taught mom and dad, and it helps me make my own decisions." Source: Aggressive sexuality Beyonce in Jones magazine.

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