Porokhovshchikov found at his dacha near Moscow

Porokhovshchikov found at his dacha near MoscowPopular actor Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov, who lost his wife, found near Moscow. Police received a call from an eyewitness who saw on the eve of national artist in Gorki-2, and soon found him in the nearest village."I can honestly say that three months ago came back from the dead. My heart began to hurt, then almost stopped, I woke up in the hospital. So the wife is worried that if I go anywhere," said Porokhovshchikov.According to him, he had a lot of work and he was exhausted. "So I picked up and left for three days without any sound sat at the cottage. That's the story," said the actor RIA Novosti.Note, the actor was found after the police Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, it was reported that the day before he was seen alive and unharmed. "The interior Ministry Odintsovo called the witness and told him that on Monday, January 23, at about 16:45 Alexander Shalvovich was bought in one of the shops in the village of Gorki-2, - quotes the portal Life News law enforcement officer. - According to our data, porokhovshikova have a cottage near Zvenigorod, which, in principle, not far from the place where I saw him".The police went on a specified store and found a 72-year-old porokhovshikova in one of the nearest settlements. "Alexander Shalvovich quietly drinking coffee, when he was declared head of the criminal police, said the police. The actor said that "just a little tired".Recall, the news of missing loved by millions of Russians actor shocked his wife Irina. "Nobody can reach you: neither the broadcasters nor colleagues. Vanished, nowhere it is not. And mind can not make the reasons for his disappearance," according to the near hysteria Irina porokhovshikova.Wife of the actor suggested that the reason the family quarrel, except that no scandals between them was not. "Very worried about something else: let it be anything - our break, care of me, but not the worst. Fear for the health of Sasha. Because he recently suffered a hypoglycemic coma, lying in intensive care. Now he must take the life-saving drugs, and he left them at home," said the woman. Source: Porokhovshchikov found at his dacha near Moscow.

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