Russia is leading a rehearsal `Eurovision`

Russia is leading a rehearsal `Eurovision` "Buranovskie grandmother" even before arriving in Baku has aroused interest among loyal fans of Eurovision. But after the first rehearsal, when reporters saw a live performance of Russian artists, the excitement intensified.By a vote among journalists, which by tradition is held daily in the press center of the competition, Russia takes the first place. That competition has been the main favorite, not only numbers. In the same press center journalists constantly singing "C'mon and dance, C'mon and dance". The choir some sing, sitting with colleagues in the cafeteria, others mumble the chorus under his breath, when editing the article. Party for everybody has become a popular ringtone in the press center.Correspondent Вестей.Ru by coincidence ended up in the bus of the Irish delegation, where he met with the brothers Jedward. As soon as they learned that with them goes a journalist from Russia, they attacked her with questions about "Buranovskie grandmothers". Artists from Ireland was mostly concerned about the translation of the verses of the song, as well as when and where they can see your favorite grannies (in English "Granny") - the so-called here "Buranovskie grandmothers" English-speaking journalists. Later at a press conference Jedward told journalists that think Russia wins.Their view is shared by British journalists who wear t-shirts with graphic image of our artists. Their position, they explain the fact that they both liked "Eurovision" in Moscow that they want to go back.After the rehearsal of European journalists wrote in his blog: "Babushkas from Russia are rocking Eurovision 2012!!! big big wow!!!!!!" ("Buranovskie grandmother" broke the Eurovision song contest 2012! Enormous, an enormous wow"). Facebook is replete with questions about the Russian stove "What's the white box on stage supposed to be?" ("What's the white box on the stage?")At the press conference, the Russian delegation was sold out. It began not with a question, but a gift from journalists: our colleague from South Africa was presented to each member of the disk group with the song "Party for everybody" in Afrikaans. The main topic of the day in the press center after the press conference became the Russian party, which will be held may 20.About "Buranovskie grandmothers" in Baku. Local taxi drivers are confident that Russia wins, the employees of the hotels are passed on to our artists Hello and ask for your autograph, and in the dining room of the press centre plays "Party for everybody". It is hoped that all these predictions will come true.The contest "Eurovision-2012" will be held in Baku from 22 to 26 may. "Buranovskie babushki" will perform in the first semifinal at number 14. Вести.Ru and the TV channel "Russia 1" will conduct live broadcasts of the semifinals and finals of the competition.Source: Russia leads in rehearsal Eurovision.

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