Against Sobchak opened a criminal case

Against Sobchak opened a criminal caseThe news that against Ksenia Sobchak prosecuted, caused strong resentment socialite. In his Twitter he wrote on his page she has posted an angry comment on this topic."It is a pity that I live in a country of absurdities and lies. But we had to walk to a fabricated criminal case, to understand in what country we live in," Sobchak wrote in his online diary.A criminal case was initiated on the fact of intentional destruction of property after the statement of employees of the holding iNews, ITAR-TASS reported. As told in the press service of the police, the Board received a letter from the Executive Director News Media Ashot Gabrelyanov and statements from two journalists of Life News portal.According to them, on the night of March 13, correspondent were beaten in one of the capital's restaurants. According to the applicants, Ksenia Sobchak, Ilya Yashin and Anastasia Ogneva caused one journalist beatings and photographer broke the camera and took the flash card. In this case, "Sobchak was rummaging in their bags in search of a recording device, Yashin was holding the hands of our journalist Anastasia Konovalova, and Anastasia Ogneva beat reporter in the face", said the Director of the News Media. As emphasized in the police, "the beatings were registered in the health facility".Now the police conduct complex investigative actions and operational-search measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. According to preliminary data, the camera cost 114 thousand rubles was put out of action completely for the purpose of destruction of the stored information. Source: Against Sobchak opened a criminal case.

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