Died American sculptor John Chamberlain

Died American sculptor John ChamberlainIn new York at the age of 84 years died an American sculptor, printmaker and filmmaker John Chamberlain, writes The New York Times.Chamberlain, famous for using parts of broken machines and metal in their works, died Wednesday, December 21. Causes of death were not disclosed.Chamberlain, whose work was influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art, became famous in the 1950s, after he moved to new York, where he began to work with painted metal, his favorite material. Already in 1961, his work was included in the exhibition "the Art of assemblage", which was held at the Museum of modern art in new York.The sculptor throughout his half-century career working with different materials - from foam to paper, but always returned to solid metal. Their interest, in particular, he explained that it is easy to find engine parts were strewn on the street, like many other "junk", which he also used, creating the so-called "junk art".Chamberlain also worked on engravings, drawings. His first retrospective was held in 1971 at the Guggenheim Museum in new York. In 60-ies of the last century sculptor was engaged in a cinematic project of the "Wide Point". For half a century were held more than 30 solo exhibitions Chamberlain; his work has been exhibited at the Biennale of contemporary art in Venice (1964), Sao Paulo (1961, 1994). Source: Dead American sculptor John Chamberlain.

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