Died, the author of the main enemy of Batman Jerry Robinson

Died, the author of the main enemy of Batman Jerry RobinsonFamous American artist-Illustrator Jerry Robinson died at the age of 89 years at the hospital in new York. He is considered one of the creators of cult heroes in the US comics Batman - the Joker and Robin."Robinson illustrated the famous characters that have become icons of American pop culture", - quotes RIA Novosti Jim Lee, co-editor of DC Comics, where he worked for Robinson.Jerry Robinson in the 40-ies of XX century began to work in the Studio publishing for drawing comics about the adventures of the superhero Batman. At the time, 17-year-old boy was a journalism student at Columbia University. After a while he became famous among fans of cartoon stories about the Man-bat as one of the founders of other comic book characters such as Robin, partner of Batman, and the Joker is the main enemy of the superhero."Every great hero in literature, mythology and even the Bible - has a worthy opponent, which actually makes the hero stronger. In those days, in the late 30's, in the comics there was virtually no supervillains. Negative characters were ordinary gangsters, thieves and robbers. While I studied literature, I was very interested in antagonists, such as David and Goliath or Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, and I thought that the new villain needs to be a figure of the same caliber. To add a little irony to the image, I gave it a sense of humor," said Jerry Robinson about his Joker.Robinson was different from other artists. He worked in different genres of comics - ranging from political cartoons to of illustrated theatrical sketches. "Jerry brought realism in comics, and also sense of humor," said friend and colleague of the late Charles Kochman.In recent years Robinson, who was the son of a native of Russia (according to rumors, with Ukrainian roots), taught at the new York school of visual arts and was listed as a consultant in DC Comics. Source: Dead the author of the main enemy of Batman Jerry Robinson.

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