Husband of Elena Vaenga: She's gone

Husband of Elena Vaenga: She's goneThe news about the divorce of the popular singer Elena Vaenga and her common-law spouse of Ivan Matvienko has shocked many fans of the singer. The actress announced this on its website. Ivan also decided not to be silent.Civilian spouse Vaenga, incidentally, is also her producer. So they are, though no longer together, continue to work. Elena even congratulated her ex-husband a happy birthday, which he celebrated a few days ago, and gave him a lot of sweets.Matvienko said that they really no longer husband and wife. As it turned out, former lovers since the summer don't live together. However, what was the motive for the breakup, Ivan chose not to specify. "A lot of reasons: work and the people around them. To leave she wanted. I said, "for God's Sake! To keep will not" - quoted by Ivan Matvienko "Interlocutor". The producer said that Elena environment has a very strong influence.We will remind, on the eve of Elena Vaenga announced that he had split up with her husband. "Why do I have sad eyes? I have six months to live alone. Ah, sorry I haven't wrote here, it hurts... Sorry I didn't write all over the country that I have instead of a soul - a hole... And I thought that the songs can guess... no one will ever know how I really live, and to what extent I'm unhappy..." - said on its website the singer.on January 27, the actress turned 35 years old. And that it met their anniversary alone, very sad for her many fans. However Vaenga tries not to lose heart: "I'm not the first woman in 35 years, only one remains. Millions of people live like that. I press then marries, raises. I don't live with my husband and marry me! Sooner bred, when I was married, and when we divorced, now marry!" Source: Husband of Elena Vaenga: She's gone.

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