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Husband of Britney Spears will be her guardian

Husband of Britney Spears will be her guardianSoon pop Princess Britney Spears will find her fiance Jason Travica not only legal wife, but also a guardian.There is information that the groom Britney Spears Jason Trawick, which, incidentally, almost ten years older than his lady, will be her guardian. According to the decision of the authorities, the man will gain over the singer "full legal control".This does not mean that it will manage its finances, but on his shoulders lies the responsibility for the health and morale of his wife, and for all her antics. In addition, according to the law, Jason Trawick will have the right to dictate to a performer, what to wear, what to eat and what medications to take. In other words, Trawick will become the official guardian of his future wife, pass "Вести.Ru".Secular chroniclers immediately explained the controversial decision by the fact that relatives Britney still doubt in her emotional stability. Simply put, they think that Spears can fall apart at any moment and plunge into the grave. Allegedly the father of Britney insisted that Jason became her guardian. By the way, earlier it was the singer's father. "This is sort of a compromise between the singer and her relatives, who otherwise would not give consent to the wedding," - said the lawyer from Los Angeles, CA Jeffrey Cohen, adding that the cases where the guardian had his ward and her fiance, extremely rare in judicial practice.However, guardianship can be revoked if the doctors Britney Spears will be able to convince the authorities that she is able to answer for themselves and their actions. Themselves secular chroniclers have carefully reviewed the recent actions of the artist and came to the conclusion that it is quite adequate.American journalists are told: "let's look at the facts. In 2011, the singer released a new album, which was more than successful, and then went on a world tour to showcase his latest work to fans across the planet. If this is not sufficient proof of the sanity of the singer, then what you need to show the judges that they have left the star alone?" As she Britney Spears refers to this ambiguous situation is unknown. Source: Husband of Britney Spears will be her guardian.

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