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At the Revolution square will open an ice theatre

At the Revolution square will open an ice theatreIn Moscow on Revolution square on 10 December will start the ice theatre, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Prefecture TSAO. He is a four-metre ice tower. Where exactly will set this design is not specified.The performance of "the mansion" will be showing several times a day. All fairy tale characters made of ice.The theatre will operate under the Christmas festival "Russian winter". The festival began on December 1. Earlier it was reported that "as soon as things are cold, in the territory of the Revolution square will ice shapes. According to a site Gismeteo, on Saturday 10 December, the temperature in Moscow will be from -2 to 1 Celsius.On 10 December in the same area a planned rally against election fraud in the state Duma. It will be held near the monument to Karl Marx. Formally, the monument is located on Theatre square. However, as told to "Lente. applied for the event Nadezhda Mityushkina ("Solidarity"), in an official document on the harmonization of the rally said that the Revolution square.On Facebook willingness to participate in the rally expressed more than 26 thousand people. "VKontakte" to the event signed up 13 thousand users.on 6 December, there were reports that the Revolution square (actually it was about the Theatre square) will be closed for repairs. In this regard, the opposition expressed concern that the municipality will withdraw approval of the meeting. December 7 "Mosvodokanal" reported the completion of the works, which were conducted near the fountain at the monument to Karl Marx.First Deputy mayor of Moscow Alexander Gorbenko 6 December confirmed the agreement of the meeting. However, he stressed that the number of participants is limited to three hundred people. According to the official, in excess of the allowed number of participants of the action will be stopped.In this regard, the member of political Council of "Solidarity" Boris Nemtsov turned to the mayor with an open letter. It is posted on the website of The New Times. The opposition leader pointed out that obviously the number of participants in the rally will be much more than 300 people". Nemtsov asked the mayor to clarify the situation with possible arrests.Performances in Moscow began after the announcement of the preliminary results of elections to the Duma, where United Russia scored a little more than 49 percent of the vote. December 5, Chistye Prudy took place thousands rally against the agreed fraud and election irregularities. After some activists staged a rally in the center of Moscow. More than 300 people were detained. 6 and December 7 opposition rallies continued on Triumfalnaya square.The country's leadership was satisfied with the results of the elections to the state Duma. The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who headed the list of United Russia, said that the party acted "according to their political influence". The Chairman of the party Vladimir Putin also stressed that edinorossy received in the Duma "a solid majority".However, according to Putin, opposition-minded citizens should be allowed to speak, using their constitutional right to demonstrate, to the formulation of his opinion." The right to peaceful Assembly is guaranteed to citizens of Russia of the 31st article of the Russian Constitution.Rallies disagree with the results of the Duma elections scheduled for December 10, both in Russia and abroad. Source: Revolution square will open an ice theatre.

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