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Wella Professionals at the backstage Escada

Wella Professionals at the backstage EscadaWhile creative Director for Wella Professionals Eugene Suleiman creates leading hairstyles for fashion shows in Milan, new York and Paris, his Russian colleagues - Wella Professionals stylists - set the tone for the scenes of Moscow's best catwalks.At the end of March on the occasion of the opening on Kutuzov Avenue Escada flagship store in Tatler Club in the building, forming a single architectural ensemble with the hotel Ukraine, was a demonstration of the brand's collections "Spring-Summer 2012. Hairstyles were performed Wella Professionals stylists and masters of MONE. "Our collection is inspired by nature, the sun, sand, flowers, and all that is beautiful in our world," said Daniel WinGate, design Director of Escada. And hairstyles perfectly conveyed specified by Daniel.Among the guests were actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Love Tolkalina, Leanca Grau, Anna Churina, Tatiana lutaeva, Ekaterina Klimova, Jeanne Epple, Anastasia Makeeva, music producer Yana Rudkovskaya, TV presenters Yelena Khanga, Yelena Isaeva, Irena Ponaroshku, singer Irina Dubtsova, Tatiana Kotova, head of the Fund "Russian silhouette" Tatyana Mikhalkov. Shined on the stage leading Julia Kovalchuk in luxurious long pale pink dress from ESCADA. The tone of the evening rhythmically embodied Guru Groove Foundation and DJ Vitaly Kozak.Celebrity guests discussed the news of the podium: a neat smooth lines of a person resonated with simple forms of clothing. "Low tail, oblique parting (Low ponytail with side parting)" ... concisely described elaborately done hair Wella Professionals stylists and MONET.Michael Schultz, CEO of Wella Professionals together with their guests went up to the balcony to watch the results of the team of Wella Professionals and MONET: "How nice to see such synergy!" he commented after the show: "Images of models were so organic. Gorgeous clothes and stylish hairstyle is only such a tandem creates Fashion! I saw not only stunning Escada fashion design, and graphic features of the trend Blaze. Stylists MONET perfectly embodied the trend created by the creative Directors for Wella Professionals Eugene Suleiman and Josh wood!".

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