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Luc Besson was accused of plagiarism

Luc Besson was accused of plagiarismTwo French actors from Pessac accused Director Luc Besson in plagiarism and filed in the Tribunal de Grande instance of Paris, informs RIA "news" referring to AFP.According to the plaintiffs ' attorney, Jean-Pierre Cochet, we are talking about the film Besson "Kolombiana", which premiered in the summer of 2011 (September 8). According to the plaintiffs, in 2005 they took the short film "the Ghost Orchid" (Le fantome de l Orchidee), the duration of which was about 10 minutes. A copy of the recording they gave Besson, and directed in his kinetochore EuropaCorp."No news my clients are not received until the release in July of the movie ("Kolombiana")," said Cox.Counsel argues that "Kolombiana" just copies the script "the Ghost Orchid" and that the film is repeating the scenes featurettes.In his words, to the statement of claim is attached is written in 2005, a script and a video from the Internet, confirming that the short film came to light before the release of the film Besson.Along with Besson, the petition mentions the name of Robert Mark Kaman, who is co-writer of "Colombiana", as well as the company EuropaCorp. Cox noted that previously attempted to negotiate with the Corporation without the involvement of the court, but the response could not be obtained. Source: Luc Besson was accused of plagiarism. . Читать полностью -->

Leighton Meester on the cover of Marie Claire

Leighton Meester on the cover of Marie Claire Leighton Meester I love teenagers, and not only they, it is not surprising that it so often appears on the covers of top fashion magazines. We offer you to evaluate the latest actress photoshoot for the April issue of American Marie Claire.In the pictures the star of "Gossip girl" appeared in the form of her character Blair Waldorf. Anyway, her signature tongue-in-cheek look she borrowed, however, as a luxurious wardrobe. Overall the set was very quiet, but to look away from the charming Leighton is simply impossible - it was too good.In an interview with Mr. spoke about his insane family and difficult, but still a good childhood. Recall that the actress from a poor family, because she had to work with the early years. Читать полностью -->

The stars sing live: slicing pop`masterpieces`

The stars sing live: slicing pop`masterpieces` Maxim, the group "Factory", Daineko, Alex... of cutting - pop"masterpieces".Source: the Stars sing live: slicing pop"masterpieces" . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Named the most influential celebrity child

Named the most influential celebrity childThe daughter of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes became the most influential star child. The ranking was prepared by the newspaper The Daily Beast, "given the degree of attractiveness of the child for the readers' and the number of media reports.First place went to Suri cruise, the second daughter of Victoria and David Beckham's five-month-old Harper seven and the third five-year Shilo, parents are Angelina Jolie and brad pitt.As noted by The Daily Mail, the main criterion for the experts who made up the rating, was the individuality of the child, because in fact, Suri - "the girl that readers are not too keen" and cutie Shiloh - "weird boy".In fourth place of the list was a three-year Max Anthony (son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony). The efforts of Courtney Kardashian, which does not release the child from the hands, were not in vain - her son Mason Disick took fifth place.The top ten rounded out the five year old son Britney Spears Jaden the Motherhood. Surprisingly, in some cases, one brother (or sister) a higher rating than another. It seems that age plays no role here - Max Anthony in fourth place, and his twin sister Emma only seventeen. Shilo, as we remember in third place, her three year old sister Vivienne - eighth and seven-year-old male - only eleventh.Surprise was the appearance in the ranking of five-year-old Moses Martin, son of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin. Читать полностью -->

Vaenga refused the title of `singer of the year`

Vaenga refused the title of `singer of the year`A famous singer Elena Vaenga strongly denies the title of singer of the year. Moreover, vocal artist said that Forbes is wrong, inflating its revenues.34-year-old domestic singer Elena Vaenga is now at the peak of popularity. Her concerts are visited by a huge number of people in all corners of the country, and the slightest change in appearance, whether it be for a short time appeared bangs or postroynevshaya figure, cause numerous rumours. The artist even began to compare with the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva.But Elena Vaenga to its popularity with enviable composure. "Can't be her successor, as I am other. Does not have the same vocals as Pugachev" - quoted by performer magazine "Antenna". Читать полностью -->

Varda undressed for Armenian gloss

Varda undressed for Armenian gloss The former Muse of Sergei Zverev and current co-star Duo Vitaliy Kozlovskiy ward has graced the cover of famous Armenian journal.Despite the fact that some of these photos we've seen on the website of the singer, we decided to show you this very revealing photoshoot.Interestingly, the main character of the publication Varda was not due to his musical creativity. As we know, before singing, she managed to become famous as a stripper, and upscale. Judging by the inscription on the cover, she is Armenian beautiful world of burlesque dance. A little strange wording, but the essence we caught.Returning to the photo shoot, it is impossible not to admit that ward is a very showy girl with a beautiful body, but the photos are frankly terrible. First of all, because of photoshop, which is so much that you can barely understand - we live person or a wax figure from Madame Tussauds. Look! Source: Warda undressed for Armenian gloss . Читать полностью -->

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