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Husband of Elena Vaenga: She's gone

Husband of Elena Vaenga: She's goneThe news about the divorce of the popular singer Elena Vaenga and her common-law spouse of Ivan Matvienko has shocked many fans of the singer. The actress announced this on its website. Ivan also decided not to be silent.Civilian spouse Vaenga, incidentally, is also her producer. So they are, though no longer together, continue to work. Elena even congratulated her ex-husband a happy birthday, which he celebrated a few days ago, and gave him a lot of sweets.Matvienko said that they really no longer husband and wife. As it turned out, former lovers since the summer don't live together. Читать полностью -->

Died, the author of the main enemy of Batman Jerry Robinson

Died, the author of the main enemy of Batman Jerry RobinsonFamous American artist-Illustrator Jerry Robinson died at the age of 89 years at the hospital in new York. He is considered one of the creators of cult heroes in the US comics Batman - the Joker and Robin."Robinson illustrated the famous characters that have become icons of American pop culture", - quotes RIA Novosti Jim Lee, co-editor of DC Comics, where he worked for Robinson.Jerry Robinson in the 40-ies of XX century began to work in the Studio publishing for drawing comics about the adventures of the superhero Batman. At the time, 17-year-old boy was a journalism student at Columbia University. After a while he became famous among fans of cartoon stories about the Man-bat as one of the founders of other comic book characters such as Robin, partner of Batman, and the Joker is the main enemy of the superhero."Every great hero in literature, mythology and even the Bible - has a worthy opponent, which actually makes the hero stronger. In those days, in the late 30's, in the comics there was virtually no supervillains. Negative characters were ordinary gangsters, thieves and robbers. Читать полностью -->

At competition " Mrs. Russia` selling space

At competition President of the beauty contest Alla Markina admitted that it sells space on "Mrs. Russia". Moreover, the woman is assured that he will do it "all my life".The beauty contest "miss Russia" shocked the scandal. One of the participants of the competition, the 27-year-old owner of a network of fitness clubs in Ekaterinburg Olesya Moeller, said that the crown of the winner Yulia Zabuzanska bought for 300 thousand euros. According to her, the festival "Russian woman" (the official name of the competition) sold everything."We arrived in Moscow on 4 December, and on the second day our boss Alla Markin has caused me to have a conversation: "I Understand that the mega-project, which has megasoma. Accordingly, we must now determine the price...", - said Olesya.To the question "what kind Of money are we talking about?" the girl received a complete answer. Читать полностью -->

Died American sculptor John Chamberlain

Died American sculptor John ChamberlainIn new York at the age of 84 years died an American sculptor, printmaker and filmmaker John Chamberlain, writes The New York Times.Chamberlain, famous for using parts of broken machines and metal in their works, died Wednesday, December 21. Causes of death were not disclosed.Chamberlain, whose work was influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art, became famous in the 1950s, after he moved to new York, where he began to work with painted metal, his favorite material. Already in 1961, his work was included in the exhibition "the Art of assemblage", which was held at the Museum of modern art in new York.The sculptor throughout his half-century career working with different materials - from foam to paper, but always returned to solid metal. Their interest, in particular, he explained that it is easy to find engine parts were strewn on the street, like many other "junk", which he also used, creating the so-called "junk art".Chamberlain also worked on engravings, drawings. His first retrospective was held in 1971 at the Guggenheim Museum in new York. In 60-ies of the last century sculptor was engaged in a cinematic project of the "Wide Point". Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore released from hospital

Demi Moore released from hospitalThe Hollywood star was taken to the clinic at night on January 23, but is long in its walls Moore didn't want to. After a nervous and physical exhaustion, the actress decided to recover at home.Recall that the rescue service called friend demi. According to her, the actress began a weird attack: it started to shake, she gasped.Before that, at the home of celebrity was the party. Attending her said that Moore was "extremely active" all night and periodically retired to my room and came back in a more buoyant mood."She was not herself, behaved just like crazy" - shared girlfriend demi.According to another version, the actress abused the "laughing gas": a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, which is used for medical purposes to relieve pain and which are on sale.Anxious relatives and friends demi Moore visited her in the hospital. Her eldest daughter Rumer was spotted at the entrance to the emergency room. In addition, the help actress was offered and her friend Madonna. Читать полностью -->

Champion of Russia on equestrian sport dies in a fire

Champion of Russia on equestrian sport dies in a fireAbsolute champion of Russia on equestrian sport, team member Arseniy shpakovskiy Sunday tragically died in the 36th year of life.According to preliminary data, the athlete did not have time to get out of the house during a fire at a farm in the Volokolamsk district.Suburban bodies SK the Russian Federation to investigate the cause of the fire, organized investigation verification."on 5 February after extinguishing the fire on the territory of the stud, located in the village of Great Sour Volokolamsk district, was found the body of 35-year-old absolute champion of Russia on equestrian sport, the winner of the world Cup in show jumping, a member of the national team of Russia Arseniy Shpakovsky", - quotes "Interfax" the statement of the press service of the regional Department of the TFR.During survey of a scene external signs of violent death was not revealed. Previously it is established that the cause of fire was careless handling of fire."Don was a talented athlete Arseniy Shpakovsky - the absolute champion of Russia, winner of many world cups, a member of the national team of Russia on equestrian sport. He was 35 years old. In this hard to believe. A few days ago he participated in competitions in Moscow and suddenly, his life was cut short in the Prime of life. He always said that can not just participate in the competition, he always wanted to be first, and we were proud of his victories. Читать полностью -->

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