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Moscow will host a concert in support of the musician Laertius

Moscow will host a concert in support of the musician Laertiuson 9 January in the Moscow club "Mezzo Forte" (1st Ostankinskaya str., 53 - VDNKH metro station, shopping center) concert will be held in support of musician Alexander Laertius, who in April this year suffered a stroke. This was reported in the blog of a musician.Participants: the Crematorium, Alexander Chernetsky (Different People), X**y Fuck, Forbidden Drummers and Botany, Dub TV, Laertius band (site Maestro will take volunteers), Anatoly Pogadaev (Grain).The concert starts at 20:00.In mid December it was reported that the relatives of the musician raise money for his rehabilitation after stroke. "The consequences of the stroke is very severe, but we are fighting, we do not lose heart and hope that his career will continue. But you need to exert a lot of effort and money," - said the Director of the artist Alexander Agapov.According to him, at the moment Laertius is in the home, in the hospital, undergoing rehabilitation courses lasting about a month."He several times took these courses. They are not cheap. And still need about two-three courses to hold to at least some result to come out. Читать полностью -->

Kim Kardashian spent the night with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian spent the night with Kanye WestAs if Kim Kardashian wasn't trying to prove that they with Kanye West are just friends, the paparazzi won't conceal the truth.Yesterday, Kim and Kanye went together to see "the Hunger games", then went to his new York apartment, where he stayed all night. In the morning the paparazzi caught slightly crumpled and washed Kim, trying to quietly sneak out of the house of the West in the same clothes, in which was the date last night.Interestingly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West broke up for a short while. After leaving the apartment of rapper, Kim drove to the hotel, quickly changed (and not completely changed her top and threw on her jacket), put makeup on and went on a date at a restaurant Serafina.Notice, trousers, shoes and handbag Kim decided not to change. Knowing her passion for fashion, this fact can be justified by only one - she was in a hurry for a meeting with Kanye West.And immediately after lunch the couple went on shopping in the boutique Jeffrey-s. By the way, they are both noble shopaholics. Source: Kim Kardashian spent the night with Kanye West. Читать полностью -->

The son of the Princess of Monaco got into a fight at the club

The son of the Princess of Monaco got into a fight at the clubThe son of the Princess of Monaco 24-year-old Pierre Casiraghi staged a fight in one of night clubs of new York. According to eyewitnesses, after the scuffle, the young man ended up in hospital with serious facial injuries.The incident occurred in the trendy Double Seven school. The club owner Jeffrey Jah rested in the company of his friend 47-year-old Adam Hoke and the three supermodels - Natasha Poly, Valentina Saleaway and Anja Rubik.According to people from the company Jaha, a member of the princely family of Monaco and several of his friends approached him and began to insult the girls and without permission to drink standing at their table vodka. After that the club started the brawl, which, according to the descriptions of eyewitnesses, was more like a fight in cowboy saloons of the mid-NINETEENTH century.As reports RIA Novosti, Adam hock, previously owned a club in Manhattan, hit the princely offspring with such force that he flew across the room and landed on the table at the opposite side of the hall. Then the owner of the club in turn has awarded hefty blows three young people from the environment Casiraghi. One of them is the Stavros Niarchos Third was the former boyfriend of socialite Paris Hilton.After the fight Casiraghi was taken to medical center Weill Cornell and was discharged on the same day. Читать полностью -->

In Mexico, died a famous novelist and essayist Carlos Fuentes

In Mexico, died a famous novelist and essayist Carlos FuentesDeep regret at the death of the famous Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes expressed by the representatives of the authorities and the public of Latin American countries.ITAR-TASS with reference to employees of the Metropolitan hospital Angeles del Pedregal", the writer died at the age of 83 years.Fuentes known outside of Latin America as a passionate writer, being sensitive to the important event, noted in an address to the national Council for culture and art of the country.He listed the main stages of a rich literary career of the writer, through which he "gained wide acclaim from readers and has received many top awards.Carlos Fuentes was born in the family of a diplomat November 11, 1928. Educated at National Autonomous University of Mexico. Career he started as a journalist: in 1959-1960 edited the magazines "Expectator" and "revista Mexicana de literature". Was a diplomat, in particular, has represented his country in France.The first novel Fuentes "the land of cloudless clarity" 1958 immediately became the object of worship readers of Mexico and entered the "Golden Fund" of national literature.In the USSR the writer became famous thanks to the novel "the Death of Artemio Cruz" (1962), first published in Russian in 1967. Since this work began with the acquaintance Soviet readers with the work of Fuentes, whose name was put into a series of such Latin American writers as the Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, the Uruguayan Mario Benedetti.During his long literary career, Fuentes was awarded the most prestigious in the Spanish-speaking world's literary prize Cervantes (1987), the Prince of Asturias award (1994), and the National prize for literature of Mexico (1984). Source: Mexico, died a famous novelist and essayist Carlos Fuentes. Читать полностью -->

Kate Beckinsale shot for Russian men

Kate Beckinsale shot for Russian men Kate Beckinsale in Harper's Bazaar. Russia. January 2012.Source: Kate Beckinsale shot for Russian men . . . . Читать полностью -->

Barbra Streisand celebrates anniversary

Barbra Streisand celebrates anniversary The anniversary marks the actress and singer Barbara Streisand. She is 70 years old. Performing on stage she started school - sang in the choir and participated in theatrical productions. Streisand has recorded more than 60 albums, almost all of them became "gold".In addition, she has won many awards, including the most prestigious "Grammy, Emmy, Oscar. Barbara Streisand is one of the most successful women in show business.In the movie "Funny girl" Streisand actually played myself. Awkward clumsy girl who's used to the jokes over her big nose. Читать полностью -->

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