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Chursina appeared in the play `Elinor and her men`

Chursina appeared in the play `Elinor and her men` Alexander Burdonskaya set in the Theater of the Russian Army on a play by James Goldman's the lion in winter. However, the name of this historical drama had to change.The main role in the play "Elinor and her men" does not belong to king Henry the Second and his wife. In the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine - Lyudmila Chursina.Source: Chursina appeared in the play "Elinor and her men" . . . . Читать полностью -->

Bilan and Volkova took offense at `Buranovskie grandmothers`

Bilan and Volkova took offense at `Buranovskie grandmothers`Apparently, Dima decided to become an eternal member of the "Eurovision". Singer and ex-"tattoo" Yulia Volkova, who paired up for the qualifying round of the Eurovision song contest, don't agree that "Buranovskie grandmother" should represent Russia.The couple is convinced that they won first place on the results of the vote:"We vote with Dima took first place. I don't know who gave money and who have agreed, - has shared his thoughts Yulia Volkova. I doubt they'll stand up to the competition, but I wish them good health.". . . Читать полностью -->

In Sydney opened a branch of Madame Tussauds

In Sydney opened a branch of Madame TussaudsBranch of Madame Tussauds, which presents wax sculptures of world stars and Australian celebrities, opened on Monday in Sydney, Australia, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Agency AAP.In the Museum of Australians "waiting" world famous actors Hugh Jackman and cate Blanchett, and the journalist Amanda Keller, artists ray Miger and guy Pearce and other celebrities.Wax doubles of actress Delta of Goodrem and model of one of the "angels" of Victoria's Secret Miranda Kerr wearing dresses of their "originals", which often appeared in the spotlight. Sculpture of a rock musician Jimmy Barnes will appear before the public in used clothes - organizers of the exhibition dressed wax Barnes in leather pants that his prototype was put on performances in 2009.According to the representative of Madame Tussauds Havel Mathias, a sculpture 60 masters spend about 800 hours. The cost of the wax statues are approximately 220 thousand dollars. Source: Sydney opened a branch of Madame Tussauds. . . Читать полностью -->

Actor from `Grouse` Averin: I am not getting married

Actor from `Grouse` Averin: I am not getting marriedFamous actor, "the wood-Grouse" national cinema Maxim Averin tired of the endless rumors around him and decided to answer them.With an enviable regularity there is information that Maxim Averin's going to end his bachelor life. I was published an interview with the actor, in which he talked about the upcoming event. Approximately with the same frequency occur rumours about the imminent release of the continuation of the popular series "Capercaillie" with Averin in the title role.Artist tired of the numerous rumors and decided to speak out about it. "I will not marry, continue "Grouse" will not. I specifically didn't put on the form. I want to play someone other than cops, gangsters, and social workers. Читать полностью -->

A list of new mums-celebrities

A list of new mums-celebrities On the eve of mother's Day in USA American tabloid has prepared a list of the best new mums-celebrities.Last year the mothers have become stars such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman and other famous women - all of them gladly shared with fans pictures of his adorable kids.Note that mother's Day in America is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in may, and this year the celebration will be held on may 13. In honor of one of the most popular American holidays, American tabloid Celebrity has compiled a list of the most popular celebrity moms:Kate Hudson became a mother for the second time in July last year - actress gave birth to son Bingham.Natalie Portman joined the famous mothers in June 2011. She gave birth to first child - baby Aleph.In March of this year, my mother was the actress Hilary Duff. She gave birth to son Luca.This year Jennifer garner became a mother for the third time and gave birth to long-awaited son Sammy.Style icon Victoria Beckham gave birth to their fourth child and their first daughter Harper in July last year.Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba became a mother for the second time in August 2011 - was born to her second daughter haven.American singer Beyonce in January of this year for the first time became a mother. The actress gave birth to daughter blue ivy. Note that the pregnancy and birth of his daughter Beyonce became the most discussed event in Hollywood.In March 2012 the beautiful blonde Charlize Theron on the whole world has declared that became a mother, she adopted a little boy named Jackson. Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore was discharged from nekokoneko

Demi Moore was discharged from nekokonekoFamous actress demi Moore, zagremela in late January in a luxury drug treatment clinic, was discharged from the institution.Apparently, treatment in a rehabilitation center Cirque Lounge, located in Utah, so good, demi Moore, went there a month ago, has already been discharged and is at home. According to some reports, the actress is trying not to draw too much attention to his haggard person and almost never appears on the street, preferring to spend your vacation at home with family.According to Gossip Cop, the official representative of the Hollywood celebrities have not commented on the information about the statement of the actress. Therefore, nobody knows exactly recovered if the star of the movie "Striptease" from their questionable tastes or not. Native artist literally keep a deathly silence about her condition. However, there is information that someone from the entourage demi said that Moore is recovering steadily and feels good.Recall, demi Moore became a regular after Actresses Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan and others, star elite patient rehabilitation center in late January. This is a fairly enclosed area, located away from urban infrastructure. Читать полностью -->

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