The winners of the contest `the Nutcracker` made in Sochi

The winners of the contest `the Nutcracker` made in Sochi Concert rebel Kusturica in the playbill Winter festival of the arts is next to the academic performances of musicians. They are not only well-known stars, but also young talents.Together with the orchestra "New Russia" in Sochi were made by the winners of the TV competition "Nutcracker".Source: the Winners of the contest "the Nutcracker" was performed in Sochi . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The rating of the most sexual women of the year

The rating of the most sexual women of the yearNew year 2012 has just begun, but reporters made a rating of the sexiest women of the year. The leader of the top-99 became a Colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara.The online portal for men ranked the most desirable women of 2012. Interestingly, the website took into account not only the opinion of American men, but men from all over the world. Participation in the vote was attended by over a million people, reports the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Interestingly, in the top ten were girls, whose popularity is only gaining momentum. In the ranking was not Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and even Angelina Jolie - top like regulars.At the top of the prestigious list consisting of 99 positions, was a Colombian model and star of TV series "American family" Sofia Vergara. After learning that she was the winner, 31-year-old actress thanked all his fans. Читать полностью -->

Khabensky secretly Dating co-star on stage

Khabensky secretly Dating co-star on stage The star of the movie "Admiral" secretly met with the acting partner Olga Litvinova.Konstantin Khabensky affair with the actress on Matematici Lifenews.ruSource: Khabensky secretly Dating co-star on stage . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Nicolas cage refused the status of a vampire

Nicolas cage refused the status of a vampireThe actor has denied rumors that he lives for several hundred years.Recall that in September, at auction on the Internet was exhibited strange lot - photo 1870, which depicted a man who lived in Bristol during the Civil war.All anything, but the face of a person from the past is practically no different from Hollywood actor Nicolas cage. Photo owner said that cage is an immortal vampire that once in 70 years is rejuvenated by the blood of his victims. He also offered to buy a picture for $ 1 million.However, speaking recently at show David Letterman, Nicholas said: "I don't drink blood. And last time I looked in the mirror, saw his reflection. Yeah, I won't argue that between me and the person in the picture 1870 there is a certain similarity. But let's drop the political correctness and recognize that this is some half-assed version of me.". Читать полностью -->

Jolie criticized for unhealthy thinness

Jolie criticized for unhealthy thinnessPopular in America, Dr. drew said that the incredible slimness of Angelina Jolie with her rather big growth clearly demonstrates the ill health of the actress.He believes that Hollywood diva is seriously ill and is in depleted physical condition. As the information Agency "Rosbalt" on one of the talk show Dr. drew noted "systemic malnutrition" Actresses that can seriously affect her health. If not already affected. Also the doctor asked not to make Angelina idol and not to try to lose weight to be like her.By the way, Angelina Jolie herself has repeatedly stated that allegedly does not sit on any diets. Читать полностью -->

Elena Vaenga commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Elena Vaenga commented on the rumors about her pregnancyThe singer commented on the rumors about his "interesting situation", at the same time hinting: it literally "survive", forcing him to retire from show business.The singer finally decided to comment on the situation with your own pregnancy and three months of vacation. Of course, did it in her usual emotional manner, but this time without resorting to taboo vocabulary."Never have wanted to hurt people..... But everything...... Stuck.... I wish everyone who brought evil to my family: let it come back a hundredfold in your home. For all the evil.... Читать полностью -->

Ricky Martin and his three sons

Ricky Martin and his three sons Ricky Martini his three sons MATEO and Valentino will appear on the cover of the April issue of Spanish vanity fair. "Me and mom and dad" - signed family photo stars.In addition to colorful photos of grown twins, Ricky and boasted her lover Carlos Gonzalez Abello, where the singer lives happily all this time.In a candid interview with Martin admitted to a homosexual relationship between him have Affairs with women, some of whom were violent and passionate: "I fell in love with women and sleep with them. But now I'm truly happy and not regret anything. Of all his novels I have learned that in the future not to repeat already made mistakes.". . . Читать полностью -->