Brezhneva offer to become a leading `Home-2`

Brezhneva offer to become a leading `Home-2`Soon, instead of Olga Buzova, Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Borodina leading popular project "Dom-2" will be Vera Brezhnev and Vlad kadoni."Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina Ksenia Sobchak so sick of the audience that it's time to shuffle the deck leading. Our choice fell on Vera Brezhneva and Vlad kadoni. Brezhnev smart, famous, she has a great sense of humor, has extensive experience leading. Candidacy Kadono argued for a long time: there were a lot of enemies and those who didn't see him as a leading" - quoted one of the authors of the controversial TV show "Dom-2" Valery Komissarova "Interlocutor".It is unknown whether the "telestroyki" consent from Vera Brezhneva and Vlad kadoni. Also there were no comments from Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak. And if the third presenter, as many believe, can easily exist without "House-2", the other two can just drown in the deep and not the good ocean of domestic show business. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer garner 10 years ago in Esquire magazine

Jennifer garner 10 years ago in Esquire magazine Jennifer garner in a photo shoot by Stephen Danelian for Esquire magazine (2002).Source: Jennifer garner 10 years ago in Esquire magazine . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Glucose showed his newborn daughter

Glucose showed his newborn daughter The singer Glucose decided to show the fans a five-month Faith. Now everyone knows that the singer prefers artificial feeding breast.Source: Glucose showed his newborn daughter . . . . . Читать полностью -->

At the Revolution square will open an ice theatre

At the Revolution square will open an ice theatreIn Moscow on Revolution square on 10 December will start the ice theatre, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Prefecture TSAO. He is a four-metre ice tower. Where exactly will set this design is not specified.The performance of "the mansion" will be showing several times a day. All fairy tale characters made of ice.The theatre will operate under the Christmas festival "Russian winter". The festival began on December 1. Earlier it was reported that "as soon as things are cold, in the territory of the Revolution square will ice shapes. Читать полностью -->

Relationship Daineko and Vorobyov was under threat

Relationship Daineko and Vorobyov was under threatRelations Victoria Dayneko and Alexey Vorobyov was under threat. The reason for the strict nature of the producer. Igor Matvienko't like Dating his ward and windy actor. Even though the novel is Vicky and Alesha long evolved into something serious.- I found my love, I was loved and all that I wish, - has shared with "Z" Victoria. And my producers should not pry into my private life! Only in creativity. Even my mom and dad give me the freedom and respect my choice.Daineko first two months of carefully concealed meetings with new boyfriend. Читать полностью -->

In the theater. Pushkin's farewell to Porokhovshikova

In the theater. Pushkin's farewell to Porokhovshikova Muscovites say goodbye on Wednesday with a famous actor and Director Alexander Porokhovshikova, who died on the night of 15 April on 74-m to year of life after long illness, reports RIA "Novosti".A memorial service is held in the Pushkin theatre, where Porokhovshchikov worked for many years. From the subway crowds with flowers sent to the theatre to say goodbye to one of the most popular actors of theatre and cinema.Funeral service for the actor will be in the temple in the suburban village of Rozhdestveno Mytishchi district. There and bury it, according to the last will of the actor. Alexander Porokhovshchikov wanted him buried next to his mother.As it became known, the monument to people's artist will create a famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli."I knew him well and I am very sorry that he passed away, so I want to immortalize its image in the eternal material in bronze, and are now working on options for a monument," - said Tsereteli Agency on Tuesday.According to him, the idea to make a monument came to him almost immediately, and then calls from numerous friends porokhovshikova strengthened this desire."I think to not reflect his artistic side, not the game in masks, and how he was in life. When I looked at Alexander Shalvovich, we felt a huge inner strength. Читать полностью -->

Husband of Britney Spears will be her guardian

Husband of Britney Spears will be her guardianSoon pop Princess Britney Spears will find her fiance Jason Travica not only legal wife, but also a guardian.There is information that the groom Britney Spears Jason Trawick, which, incidentally, almost ten years older than his lady, will be her guardian. According to the decision of the authorities, the man will gain over the singer "full legal control".This does not mean that it will manage its finances, but on his shoulders lies the responsibility for the health and morale of his wife, and for all her antics. In addition, according to the law, Jason Trawick will have the right to dictate to a performer, what to wear, what to eat and what medications to take. In other words, Trawick will become the official guardian of his future wife, pass "Вести.Ru".Secular chroniclers immediately explained the controversial decision by the fact that relatives Britney still doubt in her emotional stability. Simply put, they think that Spears can fall apart at any moment and plunge into the grave. Allegedly the father of Britney insisted that Jason became her guardian. Читать полностью -->