Elton John has revealed details of his personal life

Elton John has revealed details of his personal lifeAs expected the flamboyant star, sir Elton John threw the audience in amazement before the concert. Primarily for its rider whose information was leaked from staff of the concert hall.In the dressing room most certainly should be two sofa beds: double and triple, upholstered in white, gray, or blue skin (other colors is possible!), five outdoor lamps, four palm trees and a ficus, five square vases with white and red roses. As for the food and utensils, the singer eats exclusively from ceramic ware. Its diet consists of not only apples, bananas and oranges, but the Bank and horseradish sandwich with English mustard, complemented by good red and white wine is definitely chilled. On the day of the concert required crisps, biscuits, chocolate, tea and Cup of honey. If any item will be unfulfilled, the artist has threatened not to go on stage.Against the press Elton John have shown the same rigor while to recover from the news of many publications trite stock phrases. Читать полностью -->

The winners of the online contest sang in concert with Dmitri Hvorostovsky

The winners of the online contest sang in concert with Dmitri HvorostovskySeveral young performers sang on the same stage with baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Italian tenor Marcello Jordani, and also participated in the master class of masters.This was possible thanks to the online competition, which for several months was held on the site yatalant.ru among Opera singers and students of music colleges. Participants had to submit a video where they played classical Opera Aria in any language in the form of a concert, rehearsal or lesson. Just received over a hundred applications, Maestro Dmitri personally watched and listened to all of the work and chose the winners.3 December in the Kremlin Palace in Moscow has passed "Hvorostovsky and friends". Alisa Kolosova, one of the winners, sang a solo, and Sergey Pisarev and Vladislav Dorozhkin together with Hvorostovsky sang a scene from the Opera "Queen of spades".on 5 December at the Mikhailovsky theatre in St. Petersburg was closed master class for the participants. Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Marcello Giordani flashed pedagogical talents: 20-30 minutes allotted for each participant, they literally worked miracles. Читать полностью -->

The future of the Rome film festival remains unclear

The future of the Rome film festival remains unclearThe future of the Rome film festival (Festival del Cinema di Roma), a month ago received a new program Director in the person who led the first Venetian festival (Mostra del Cinema di Venezia) Marco Mueller, remains vague, and the contract with the new head is still not signed, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to cinescenie Variety.Since 2008, the program Director of the Rome festival was a film critic Pierre Detassis, whose mandate expired in October. The mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno and the head of the Lazio region Renata, Polverini made for the invitation Mueller in its place, however, met resistance among other members of the Board of Directors of the festival. In order to emerge from protracted for several months of deadlock, it took the resignation of the President of the festival, 91-year-old film critic Gian Luigi of the Mother. A few days later followed by a formal announcement on the appointment of Muller, but a final agreement with him is not achieved. According to Italian media, the problem arose because of the financial requirements of the new program Director, but also because of his intention to bring a large number of employees whose salaries, according to the center-left part of the city and regional government, will fall on the local budget an unreasonable burden.In addition, there are contradictions around time and venue of the festival. Muller was going to move it from October to November so as to distance the film festivals in Rome from Venice Mostra is the oldest film festival in the world held in the first decade of September. Читать полностью -->

Kerimov bought British star

Kerimov bought British starThe owner of "Anji" oligarch Suleiman Kerimov has arranged a party for the players and staff of his many companies.Suleiman Kerimov has arranged a new year partyThe owner of Makhachkala football club Suleiman Kerimov gave its employees and wards of the British star Jaycee Jay 15 millionThe leader of the European charts made at the new year party one of the richest businessmen of Russia.Suleiman Kerimov watched their wardsElegant feast billionaire arranged in a luxurious room at one of the shopping centers of the capital, where its 80th anniversary celebrated Mikhail Gorbachev. Exorbitant amount that Kerimov laid out for a Banquet, acquitted himself exhilaration of subordinates.- To the public was made a whole program with participation of stars, - told Life News the administrator of the hall. - Also played expensive gifts. The menu had to negotiate several times.Kerimov has not stinted on the performance of foreign starsTo light in the company of the guest of the evening, the Victoria Lopyreva done and the players, "Anji". However, after a couple of hours the star had to find a new satellites - athletes are not sacrificed by the regime, even for the blond beauty. But Glyuk'oza the whole evening was surrounded by the attention of her husband - Alexander Chistyakov, who has long supported with Kerimov friendly relationship.- Everything was at the highest level, - shared his impressions from Life News defender of football club Anji Rasim Tagirbekov. Читать полностью -->

Kate Beckinsale on the cover of Harper's Bazaar

Kate Beckinsale on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Kate Beckinsale in Harper's Bazaar. Russia. January 2012.Source: Kate Beckinsale on the cover of Harper's Bazaar . . . . Читать полностью -->

In France found vnebrachnyi son of Hitler

In France found vnebrachnyi son of Hitler The French press published a sensational evidence that the leader of the Third Reich was the heir.According to journalists, the illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler and a young Frenchwoman was born during the First world war that the future fГјhrer has decided to be a volunteer, writes Morning.ru.That he is the offspring of Hitler, a French national, Jean-Marie Laura said in 1981, published an autobiography entitled "Your father's name was Hitler." Four years later, the author died at the age of 67 years and still not proving anyone of their origin.However, evidence has surfaced thanks to the efforts of his lawyer Francois Gibo, according to the magazine LePoint. The other day the lawyer stated that the truthfulness of the words of his client proved by documents and photos. He also talked about how Laura got to his hard-won pedigree.According to information obtained by the publication from the advocate, in 1917, a military unit, which served as a corporal Hitler was in Picardy, near the commune of Seboncourt. From time to time soldiers were sent to the rear, that "they rested, refreshed and entertained.In the small town of Fournet-EN-WIPP, located to the West of Lille, Hitler met with 16-year-old Charlotte Labia. The girl in the company of friends was mowing the grass when on the other side of the street was a German soldier, he is something the painter. Friend sent Charlotte to him to learn that the young man draws. Читать полностью -->

Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh

Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh"Still life with meadow flowers and roses" that has been stored since 1974 the Dutch period Museum Kroller Muller, was not the work of an unknown artist and the painting of van Gogh, according to the website of the Museum.Analysis of a canvas conducted by using x-ray, allowed to conclude that van Gogh painted the bouquet of poppies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, delphinium, daisies, Terry roses and other field crops in 1886 in Paris, on top executed in Antwerp student work, depicting two half-naked wrestlers.About the picture with the wrestlers, the artist mentions in his correspondence with his brother Theo, which scientists have come to rely on the most reliable source for attribution canvases, but about still life with meadow flowers in his letters is not a word; that is why the authorship of the canvas for a long time could not determine, according Reuetrs.Experts argued that the canvas uncharacteristically wide for van Gogh, flowers in a vase too many that do not correspond to the usual manner of the artist. And only the silhouettes of the fighters found under the colors, helped to recognize the picture of the work of van Gogh, marks RIA "Novosti".The lack of mention of her in letters to Theo also found my explanation: in the summer of 1886 the brothers were in Paris together."This is an important discovery. During operation there was a feeling that I'm peeking from behind the shoulder of the van Gogh", - quotes The British The Daily Telegraph Professor Joris dick from Delft University of technology who participated in the attribution of the painting.The Museum krГ¶ller-mГјller in Otterlo has one of the largest collections of van Gogh, second only to the Museum of the artist in Amsterdam. "Still life with meadow flowers" was purchased in 1974 at the auction. Source: Found a previously unknown work of van Gogh. . Читать полностью -->

The first footage from the new film adaptation of `Anna Karenina`

The first footage from the new film adaptation of `Anna Karenina` The first footage from the new film adaptation of "Anna Karenina". The film is directed by Joe Wright ("Pride and prejudice", "Atonement," "Hanna").Anna plays the favourite of keira Knightley Director, Karenina - Jude law, Vronsky Aaron Johnson. The premiere is scheduled for September 2012. Source: the First footage from the new film adaptation of "Anna Karenina" . . . Читать полностью -->

Announced the nominees for the award `Nika`

Announced the nominees for the award `Nika`In Moscow were declared the nominees for "nick", the prize of the Russian Academy of cinema arts, informs "Interfax".In the nomination "Best film" presents five paintings: "Elena" by Andrei Zvyagintsev, "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive" by Pyotr Buslov, there Lived a simple woman" Andrei Smirnov, "Chapiteau-show" Sergey Loban and Siberia. Mon Amour" Slava Ross. Three of these Directors (Loban, Smirnov and Zvyagintsev) also claim to be "Nika" in the nomination "Best Director".On the award for Best actress nominated Oksana Akinshina ("Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive"), Daria Ekamasova ("there Lived a simple woman"), Nadezhda Markina (Elena), Ksenia Rappoport ("Two days"), Oksana Fandera ("brothel Lights"). In the nomination "Best actor" featured only three candidates: Maxim Sukhanov ("Boris Godunov"), Sergey Garmash ("Home"), Pyotr Zaychenko ("Siberia. Читать полностью -->

French perfumer was sentenced to pay a fine

French perfumer was sentenced to pay a fine In France sentenced the famous perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain. He was fined 6 thousand euros for racist comments. The lawsuit was filed by several public organizations.The claims were to a phrase from a TV interview 2010. Then the girl said, creating the most famous fragrances of the company, he "worked like a nigger". And he added that he did not know, "do they always work so hard". After the perfumer apologized, saying that he is a man of another generation, and in the years of his youth it was quite a common expression. Читать полностью -->

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